Presentation Design Guidelines



- Pay attention to room lighting

- Be consistent

- Put the logo on the bottom left hand corner of the slide and keep it small

- When in doubt, leave it out

- Make use of white space

- Use clip art to enhance, not to decorate


- Use builds and reveals when working with projects

- Don't use all caps

- Don't put anything on a slide that can't be read

- Think phrases, not sentences

- Less is more

- Use 5% - 10% margins on slides

- Don't let the text touch anything

- Use italic fonts instead  of underlining


- Use colors that contrast for text and background

- Use the existing Power Point color palette


- Use only a few colors

- No more than seven lines on a slide

- No more than two levels of bullets

- Text size should be greater than 18 points

- Fonts should be easy to read

- Ways to emphasize text: Bold, Italic, Size, Color and s p a c i n g

- A picture is worth 1000 words

- Use one font for body text and another for headlines


- Use thick lines on graphs

- No more than three to four lines on a chart

- No legend is needed for one series

- Leave out "Years" as an axis title

- Make use of white space

- Avoid data labels

Scanned Images

- Use original photographs

- Don't put too many scans on a slide

- Make sure video resolution is at 256 colors or more