Phone Conference Etiquette


· Do your best to minimize background noise and interruptions. Please turn off the ringer on any other phone line in your vicinity. Do not breathe into the mouthpiece of your phone as it is disruptive. If you will be taking notes via a computer keyboard that could be heard by others be sure you are muted.

· Ask to be recognized when you wish to speak, and wait to be called on. Before you begin to speak, always say your name.

· Do not put the call on hold if you have music on hold. If you do, the other participants will hear your music until you return.

· If you have call waiting, disconnect it before calling. With most phone systems, you can do this by dialing (*70).

· Use a land telephone line (corded phone) to call in to the conference bridge. Be sure to test the working condition of your equipment beforehand.

· If you are using a prepaid calling card, make sure you have ample minutes. Any warnings such as "you have one minute left" will most likely be heard by callers, plus you will have to disconnect and reconnect if you run out of time.

· Important:

- No computer or internet based dial-up methods

- Avoid speakerphones. Use the hand-held receiver for speaking.

- Avoid cell phones. Do not call from a moving vehicle, whether or not you are the one driving. If you must use a cell phone, use it from a parked location with a strong signal and automatically mute yourself.

- If you use a cordless phone, stay close to the base to avoid static & buzz.

– If you’re not engaged or participating in a conversation or the conference please mute your phone until your ready.

- If you’re getting interference in the call please hang up and call again for a cleaner phone line connection. We cannot guarantee the quality of the phone lines including the remote site(s).

· When you call, you may hear others on the line. Wait to be greeted before introducing yourself. If you are late, dial in and be silent until you are clear about what is going on in the call or for someone to greet you. If you leave the phone conference early, do not announce you are leaving. Just hang up.