Total AV GSA Schedule 58.1

Professional AV, Telecommunications


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Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Price List

Professional Communications equipment FSC GROUP 58 PART 1



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Contract Period: July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2018

Total Audio Visual Systems Inc.

9301 Georgia Avenue

Silver Spring, MD 20910

Main: 301.589.3337

Toll Free: 1.800.447.7632

Fax: 301.495.4770



Business Size: Small

Customer Information

Contract Number: GS-03F-0023N

1a. Table of awarded special item number(s) with appropriate cross reference to item descriptions and awarded price(s).

58-1- Recording and Reproducing Video and Audio Equipment including Spare Parts and Accessories

58-3 Television Cameras, Color or Mono Chrome, including Spare & Repair Parts and Accessories

58-7 Ancillary Supplies and/or  Services

58-8 Professional Audio/Video Assessment, Design, and Integration

1b. Identification of the lowest priced model number and lowest unit price:

      Chief .80 , Dukane 207.20, Draper 207.10, Glidecam 18.53

1c. Not Applicable

2. Maximum Order: The contractor is not obligated to honor any order for a combination of items in excess of:

    SIN Maximum Order

    58-1 $500,000

    58-3 $250,000

    58-7 $250,000

    58-8 $500,000

3. Minimum Order: None

4. Geographic Coverage (Delivery Area): Contiguous U.S., and District of Columbia, Hawaii, Alaska

5. Points of Origin: United States, Japan

6. Discounts: Prices contained herein are NET: discounts have been deducted.

7. Quantity Discounts: N/A

8. Prompt Payment Terms: Net 30 days from receipt of invoice or date or acceptance, whichever is late

9a. Notification that Government purchase cards are accepted at or below the micro-purchase threshold - Yes

9b. Notification whether Government purchase cards are accepted or not accepted above the micro-purchase threshold - Yes

10. Foreign Items: Dukane-Japan

11a. Time of delivery: 30 days ARO

11b. Expedited Delivery:  Contact Contractor for availability of product

11c. Overnight and 2-day delivery: Contact Total Audio Visual Systems Inc. for rates on overnight and 2-day delivery.

11d. Urgent Requirements: Contact Total Audio Visual Systems Inc. to effect a faster delivery.

12. F.O.B. point(s): Origin

13a. Ordering address: Total Audio Visual Systems Inc., Government Sales, 9301 Georgia  Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910

13b. Ordering procedures: For supplies and services, the ordering procedures, information on Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA’s), and a sample BPA can be found at the GSA/FSS Schedule homepage (

14. Payment address: Total Audio Visual Systems Inc., Government Systems, 9301 Georgia Avenue  Silver Spring, MD 20910

15. Warranty provision: Varies from Manufacturers, contact Total Audio Visual Systems Inc.

16. Export packing charges: Not Applicable

17. Terms and conditions of Government purchase card acceptance: Accepted by Total Audio Visual Systems above and below micro-purchase levels

18. Terms and conditions of rental, maintenance, and repair: Not Applicable

19. Terms and conditions of installation: One Year.

20a. Terms and conditions of repair parts indicating date of parts price lists and any discounts from list prices:  Not Applicable

20b. Terms and conditions for any other services: Not Applicable

21. List of service and distribution points: Not Applicable

22. List of participating dealers: Not Applicable

23. Preventive maintenance: Not Applicable

24a. Special attributes such as environmental attributes: Not Applicable

24b. Section 508 compliance: Not Applicable

25. Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number: 09-133-6982

26. Total Audio Visual Systems is registered with SAMS  Database Cage Code: 03LJ8