Golf Lingo


Address the ball - a player's stance before hitting the ball; position of body in relation to the ball.

Baseball grip - holding the club with all 10 fingers on the grip.

Bogey - to score one over par (which is the average number of strokes it takes to get a ball in the hole).

Chip shot - a short approach shot with low trajectory, usually hit with some over spin.

Dance floor - the green.

Fluffy - a ball that sits up in the grass.

Gimme - a putt that is certain to be made in the next shot; conceded by an opponent.

Handicap - the number of strokes a player deducts from his/her actual score to adjust his/her scoring ability to the level of a scratch player.

Linksman - a golfer.

Mulligan - a second shot that is allowed to be taken in friendly play when the player has "muffed" the first one. Not allowed by the rules.

Overclub - to use a club that gives too much distance.

Playing through - passing another group of players who are playing ahead.

Release - the point in the downswing where you uncock your wrists.

Short game - the part of the game that is make up of chip shots, pitching, and putting.

Underclubbing - using a club that does not give the needed distance.

Waggle - movement of the club head prior to swinging.  A flourishing of the club behind and over the ball.

Whiff - to swing and miss the ball completely.

Wormburner - a ball hit with adequate distance that hugs the ground.

Yips - shakiness or nervousness in making a shot.

Zillion - that last hole was a bad one, I shot a ZILLION !